Posted by: Tony Shannon | August 31, 2018

SIMPOL idea for a better world

If you have an interest in the world around us and wonder where the world is going, you may be interested in this book.

SIMPOL – A new way to think about solving the worlds biggest problems

I’ve long been wondering about the simple patterns in our history, from tribes, to city states to nation states to empires and then the global units of the United Nations, the World Bank etc.

Yet we know that the globalisation has created a backlash across the globe, as the democratic nation states that have ridden that wave are now suffering, esp in the form of Brexit and Trump-it.


In answer to that, the SIMPOL analysis and idea may be very futuristic and perhaps a dream but its a very smart analysis and a very smart idea.

Simply put , the current political system has 2 organisational entities set against each other.

The Nation State versus the Business Corporation (aka the Market).

Nation States are being forced into a race to the bottom in terms of tolerating the movements of Corporations, such as those who move around to pay as little tax as they can (inc to Ireland).

So Nation States are unable to do the right things for the long term (eg protect their workers and the environment) as they are afraid that if they do, that the Market will flee to another Nation State.

So the *right* policy decisions are often ducked.


So  the solution is this..

Work towards SIMultaneous POLicy Implementation of the right policies (eg environmental protection across all countries together.

A pipe dream? Perhaps..

Yet part of the solution is;
getting you the public to sign up to the SIMPOL idea..
which then lets your local politician know you have signed up to sign up to the SIMPOL principles here..
which then suggests the local politicians does the same…. and many have, as they have nil to lose from signing up and something to lose ( a vote from a voter in their area( from not signing up
towards in time, a critical mass of voters and politicians open to the idea

Where this will go , who knows, maybe not far, but its an interesting & novel idea.

If, just if , enough citizens rowed behind it and got involved in online policy ideas, review (citizens assembly style) and enough politicians saw its long term potential, then there might, just might be something profoundly important to it.

Kudos to the Thought Leadership at



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