Posted by: Tony Shannon | February 20, 2020

Technology on the move: Data Tech from Decades past to Decades future

If you have being following the latest technical development in the software/web/internet for the last 10 years you will have noted a few star performers that have rocked our world.

  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • NoSQL Databases (not forgetting other DBs too)
  • Open Source

If there is one guy I know whose thinking has led these fields in this time its a gentleman you may not have heard of. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Rob Tweed some years ago and have been a major fan and advocate of his work ever since.

Though his style is his own and his work is not widely known, in my humble opinion his work is at the leading edge of 21st C software development in a very smart way. The Ripple Foundation has been fortunate to have benefited from his leading QewdJS technology as the key integration tier to our open platform push in healthcare, but his work has far wider utility and benefit to offer the wider world.

If you want to spin up a baseline version of his latest technology take a look here…. this smart stuff is a very useful starting point for a wide range of technology needs in the 2020s..

QewdJS – A Baseline Setup – Live in 5

There is a lot under the hood of this tech and perhaps one of the more interesting ways to understand its power is to dig and dive straight down… into data…
I say down into data as data, information, knowledge, these things run our world.. databases are the workhorses of 21st Century life.. but have you ever looked under the hood , do you think you understand them?

Now this material is only if you are technically inclined, but if you are, then imho this is mandatory viewing. What Rob has done in this presentation in London in early 2020, is explain a decades old data technology (known as Globals) and explain it in the context of the data & database driven world that brings his technology right up to date and could/should be relevant for decades to come.

Set in the context of a presentation to Javascript developers in London in 2020, this is imho a landmark presentation on the subject of Development and Databases from Rob Tweed.

If you are a computer science/information technology/software engineering student or any part in/interest in Javascript development I highly recommend this piece;

Technical Note: The discussion and demonstrations within will only mean something to you if you have wrested with the worlds of software development and database management that is so central to the 21st Century Information Society we all now live in.

This deep dive look into the world of databases give a taste of the power and potential that has been built into the QewdJS stack.. I recommend you take a look and learn.


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