Change; Harnessing the key patterns

Change; Harnessing the key patterns

We have now explored a number of themes

In exploring the healthcare sector, we identified healthcare as a system under pressure to change and explored the potential of information and technology to support that change.

Across those diverse fields of healthcare, information and technology we have explored the chaotic/complex/complicated/simple elements through the lens of a useful framework named Cynefin.

Lastly we have examined the complex challenge of “change” and the key patterns that can be observed amidst this complexity, namely People, Process, Information, Technology, Standards and the pursuit of Value.

In this section, we particularly focus on key elements of those important patterns (one that smart economies should be working towards), i.e.  the interplay between process improvement and information technologies and some of the key gaps that currently lie within.

In the next section we will be applying some of these earlier principles back to the healthcare domain to explore further the international challenge of healthcare reform.


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