The challenge of Change; key patterns

The challenge of Change; key patterns

After starting with healthcare we have also looked at the Management and IT fields to identify that these fields all share common challenges.. not least in terms of their complexity.

We have looked at the Cynefin framework for tackling the chaos/complex/complicated/simple challenges across healthcare, management and information technology fields and we have also seen that change is a common theme across these complex fields.

Change is a word that we hear quite a lot of these days.  It has become such a feature of modern life that its hard to think of living in a society where change was not a part of daily life. Imagine when the pace of change was so slow to be imperceptible. Perhaps that’s the way it felt in centuries gone by but its certainly not like that anymore. As the 21st Century moves on “the times they are a changin”..

Of course change is built into the human DNA, as I remind myself when my children try to push “the boundaries”. Children are designed to change and push their parents boundaries. How else can one generation progress to the next?

As a look into complex systems can highlight common patterns, we now try to identify those key patterns that emerge from the complexity of change.

At a later stage we will take a look at the key interplay between some of those particular elements that are pivotal to those aspiring towards a smart economy.

We will then return to the intersection of healthcare, management and IT as an important challenge for the 21st century.


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