Posted by: Tony Shannon | January 31, 2020

2020: New Year: New Decade: New Approach/Action Needed

As the New Year of 2020 opened the gates on a new decade, the 2020s, there appeared to important message to us all being sent by the planet from Australia.

The Australian bush fires which had been burning for months reached a peak in January 2020 bringing scenes many of us has not seen before, of devastation to humans, animals and wildlife that we had not seen before. Or at least we hadn’t paid as much attention before.

Anyway, the world can’t say it didnt get notice from the planet that there is a real important job to do this year and this decade which is to get on with tackling climate change and….

I say “and….” as of course climate change is interlinked to a range of other challenges that 21st Century people and planet face… best explained in a book I’ve referred to here many times before.. Doughnut Economics, as well as the broad WellBeing Economics Alliance that is getting this message out far and wide and aimed at the emerging WellBeing Governments of the world.

A new approach has been needed for some time and this ideas time has most certainly come… 2020s is now time for Action.


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