Posted by: Tony Shannon | December 20, 2019

Consume, Create or Collaborate?

As we reach the end of 2019 and the decade, I was invited to speak at an event in Cardiff, Wales , where open platforms were being explored and discussed.

Let me avoid any technical dimension to this discussion for now and say that we have been living in an age of consumption for a long time now, some decades, and we know that it is not all good for us.

We also know that humans are inherently creative people , who get as much joy out of creating as we do as consuming. Yet resources are limited so if everyone is “reinventing the wheel” that burns up scarce resources and we need to be mindful of this on our precious planet.

So as we are reaching the end of a decade will we see new energy and effort going into a third way, in the next decade, that of collaboration?

So the title of the presentation I gave in Cardiff was Consume, Create or Collaborate?

As the audience was healthcare related and the setting was Wales, I couldnt help evoke the memory of Aneurin Bevan and his visionary leadership behind a National Health Service.

Sometimes people swing to collaborate behind important ideas, visions and missions for the greater good..


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