About frectal

Welcome to “frectal”.

Dr Tony Shannon

My interests are wide and varied and after some thought, I felt it might be good for me to put fingertip to keyboard and share some related thoughts online.

My background is as an Emergency Physician which has been a great foundation for all my learning.  It has helped me understand that amidst the complexity of the world we live in, there is real value in harnessing simple patterns to handle complexity.

Over time I have developed interests in leadership, organisational change,  process improvement, the value of information,  role of standards and the challenges of tackling complexity in my work. As I have been fortunate to have had a variety of perspectives on some common challenges,  I thought I should start to share them.

As regards the title,  one of the recurring themes of the world as I see it is that patterns are all around. A “fractal” can be a very beautiful thing, like the spiral fossil above, a fern or a  snowflake is made from very simple and recurring patterns.  Mix “fractal” with “freckle” and I came to the word “frectal”.

Dr Tony Shannon

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