Posted by: Tony Shannon | April 30, 2020

Whats coming next? Amsterdam goes for the Doughnut

While the world moves apace to handle the difficulties posed by the covid coronavirus, people are already starting to ask “whats coming next”? Most importantly they are asking what kind of a world will we get back to after dealing with the current pandemic challenge?

When forced to consider the options, many people are already clear that we do not want to go back to the way we were, to people and the politics and the planet that we we’re living with pre Covid.

Where to then? Well the city of Amsterdam has a clear and smart plan in place already for their post covid future..

Amsterdam has decided to embrace the ‘doughnut’ model to mend their post-coronavirus economy. As the Guardian reports “Out with the global attachment to economic growth and laws of supply and demand, and in with the so-called doughnut model devised by Raworth as a guide to what it means for countries, cities and people to thrive in balance with the planet”.

“The inner ring of her doughnut sets out the minimum we need to lead a good life, derived from the UN’s sustainable development goals and agreed by world leaders of every political stripe. It ranges from food and clean water to a certain level of housing, sanitation, energy, education, healthcare, gender equality, income and political voice. Anyone not attaining such minimum standards is living in the doughnut’s hole.”

“The outer ring of the doughnut, where the sprinkles go, represents the ecological ceiling drawn up by earth-system scientists. It highlights the boundaries across which human kind should not go to avoid damaging the climate, soils, oceans, the ozone layer, freshwater and abundant biodiversity.”

“Between the two rings is the good stuff: the dough, where everyone’s needs and that of the planet are being met.”

“.. the model will be formally embraced by the municipality of Amsterdam as the starting point for public policy decisions, the first city in the world to make such a commitment.”

“The world is experiencing a series of shocks and surprise impacts which are enabling us to shift away from the idea of growth to ‘thriving’, Raworth says. “Thriving means our wellbeing lies in balance. We know it so well in the level of our body. “

“This is the moment we are going to connect bodily health to planetary health.”



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