Posted by: Tony Shannon | October 1, 2010

Time to share a book of thoughts..

Having set up this site some months ago, I’ve been using it to collate some of those thoughts, ideas and experience that I’ve gained over recent years.

This site has been very useful place to collect these, though I have had to go offline over the last few weeks to flesh them out, structure, restructure and now I feel its time to share back here.

The resultant book of pages with 5 key themes with 5 articles each covers material from my background in healthcare, into complexity, onto patterns amidst change, the join between process improvement and IT, then back again to healthcare.

This book of thoughts is not perfect, the pages are works in progress, but in the spirit of iteration, I thought it was a reasonable time to share them now. Feedback very welcome of course. The material covers a broad range of issues, so diverse perspectives would be useful…

Over time, I’d like to refine these pages, so thanks in advance for any honest views and opinions that might help.
I hope some of this work may be of use to you..

Tony Shannon, October 2010


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