Posted by: Tony Shannon | November 15, 2010

Sweden’s noble e-Health strategy

Having recently been able to travel to Sweden to look at their eHealth strategy, it seemed important to highlight their noble ambitions.

Sweden is a country that has a lot to admire.
It seems to have a better balance than most of a effective government sector with a competitive private sector.
It achieves a good international ranking for its healthcare system.
Some of the healthcare success  seems related to its leadership in eHealth

The current Swedish eHealth strategy is worth highlighting as leading the way internationally in my view for 2 key reasons.

1) The Swedish eHealth Strategy makes a very clear commitment that it explicitly aims to support clinical processes. Few strategies make this clear enough, fewer still understand the importance of supporting generic clinical processes as the Swedes do.

2) The Swedish eHealth Strategy aims towards a virtuous circle of clinical documentation support, decision support and quality registers support. This is a very noble ambition and strikes me as a very good means of supporting healthcare professionals to do the right thing as well as doing things right..i.e. aiming at delivering better value for money for all.

Their ambitions are far seeing and internationally leading, albeit with much work to do.

You may be interested in the technical underpinnings of their approach, which rely on the openEHR archetype amongst other elements.  The collection of presentations from their recent Swedish eHealth event is available, whereby they bravely invited scrutiny from outside of Sweden.

Well done to Sweden… on taking a lead in the right direction.


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