Posted by: Tony Shannon | April 28, 2011 Succeed


You will have heard the term “Failure is not an option” and mention of developing “Fail-Safe” systems.
In the modern world there is a real stigma with getting things wrong, as if failure was a sign of weakness.

However “To Err Is Human“, which interestingly is the title of an Institute of Medicine report from 1999 that outlined the huge scale of errors in healthcare and the related costs..

Achieving high quality, safe systems is a balancing act often set against time and cost pressures, aiming to get the best balance of value from a system.

There is much to be gained by understanding  systems such as healthcare via a greater understanding of;

-the nature of complex systems, which are inherently unpredictable..

-key elements in many complex systems include people, process & technology

-to err is human, so solutions lie in supporting people with processes and technology that are safe to fail..

-failure is inevitable on occasion in any complex system.. it should not be stigmatized.. the key is to learn from it and make things better..

Therefore an iterative and evolutionary approach to change involves some failure.. Succeed.

Fail to Succeed” is the cover feature in the latest edition of Wired Magazine with features on Alan Sugar and Jimmy Wales..


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