Posted by: Tony Shannon | October 21, 2011

Leader and Legend

While I’m not an Apple person, it would be impossible to look at the events of the this month without highlighting the loss of Steve Jobs.

As it has been said many times since his early death, he alone seems to have revolutionized several industries in own lifetime, i.e. computing (Mac and iPad), telephone (iPhone), cinema (Pixar), and  media distribution (iTunes).

He seems to have had a reputation for singlemindedness, did not tolerate fools and led from the front. In that sense while his leadership style was his distinctive own, it had amazing results. His legacy illustrates the potential of one individual to impact on the rest of the worlds population to dramatic effect.

What remains to be seen is how Apple will fair without his leadership at the stern. No doubt it will do very well for a long time, yet one has to feel it cannot be the same without Jobs. Its business model to control the user experience by controlling both hardware and software has delivered amazing results but is not the only successful model around, as the Google Android platform has highlighted against the Apple iPhone for instance.

None the less, whatever happens next, its right to acknowledge the very rare leader that Jobs was… a legend in his own time..


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