Posted by: Tony Shannon | February 29, 2012

Starting to fix Medicine.. with a Checklist

Just in time for the end of the months post and there’s a useful story on to mention.

If you haven’t come across before, please take a look. Its a powerful force for sharing ideas across the globe.

Yesterdays addition to TED was from Atul Gawande, a physician trying to improve healthcare.

The transcript of the session is worth a read. It highlights some key points;

  • The incredible cost of healthcare.
  • The quick move from hospitals as places for rest, offering shelter, food and attention to places that can offer 1000’s of drugs and procedures, in just a few generations.
  • Interesting data ” In 1970, the number of doctors a patient at a hospital saw, on average, was 2. By the end of the 20th century, it was 15.”
  • Too many specialists rather than generalists.
  • The risks of modern healthcare, from basic stuff e.g. lack of proper hand hygiene.
  • Amazing clinicians with amazing technologies, that rarely come together.
  • Wide gap between best results and worst results
  • Outcomes don’t match costs
  • “When your a specialist you cant see the whole story.. you need to be incredibly interested in data..”
and some simple solutions to the complexity, esp a simple information tool, the checklist for which he has become famous.






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