Posted by: Tony Shannon | June 30, 2012

International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2012

Having finished up at the International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2012 in Dublin , I’m uploading 3 related presentations, which may be of interest..

1) The Value of a Leadership & Decision Making Framework in Emergency Medicine – introducing the Cynefin Framework to addressing the Simple, Complicated, Complex and Chaotic challenges in Emergency Medicine, Management & Informatics.

2) Current Challenges with a Paperless ED, which examines some of those very challenges here and now..

3) Guideline Based Workflow Integrated Electronic Health Records– as the theme of the conference was Bridging the Gap: Between Evidence and Practice this explores the challenges in supporting real time support for this ideal..

Also of note, we had a second meeting of an international network of Emergency Physicians with an interest in Informatics.

Lastly the value of Twitter at conference times emerged, with an active stream of #icem2012 material helping to keep up…


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