Posted by: Tony Shannon | July 13, 2012

1 Clinician, 1 Developer, 10 days- User Centred & Agile Development

As followup to last weeks post on the NHS and its exploration of the role of VistA..
.. you may be interested in this recent project I’ve been involved in.

To illustrate the people, process and technology elements of healthcare IT development.. in a rapid and agile way.. I was involved in a small project which involved 1 clinician (myself) and 1 developer (Chris Casey) working together (though remotely) over 10days.

As the clinician I was involved in setting the “requirements” (a 1 pager) and the “design” of the application.
Chris was involved in the “build” and we both shared in the “test”.
Most of the 10days we corresponded by email/skype or phone to feedback on issues encountered… an iterative and agile approach.

The result of our efforts are to be seen here and more project related material here at
A summary 20 minute presentation for the VistA Community Meeting last month is available here.

Hopefully it illustrates the real benefits of user centred & agile development methods.. plus illustrates moves being made towards alignment with the Healthcare IT platform of VistA (an international leader in its field, which also happens to be open source).



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