Posted by: Tony Shannon | July 31, 2014

Road Trip: EU: Summer 2014

This months post is being filed after the event.. a vacation en famille around Europe with a Kia.

Will keep it short and sweet.
We set off and covered 4000+ km over late July into August with the help of ;
(1) Road Atlas of Europe (2014),
(2) an old GPS device (10years out of date) but still very very useful and
(3) a set of Google Map directions on a Nexus 7 to keep us right… 3 points of reference..

This Google Map gives a sense of the trip… a great adventure.


Thankfully travelling since the advent of the Internet, ATMs, the EU, the Euro, modern motorways, Google, GPS/SatNav etc has made it much easier than ever before in the past.
Europe remains perhaps the most fortunate continent on earth.. rich in history, art, architecture, good food and wine… yet diverse enough to always stimulate with differing landscapes, language, culture and road signage along the way..

Got a sense in the summer of 2014 of how fortunate we are …
20 years ago this would have been a much greater ordeal..
100 years ago it would have been unthinkable.


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