Posted by: Tony Shannon | November 10, 2014

EHILive 2014 Conference update

After last weeks EHI Live of 2014 am posting up related presentations.


#1) Connecting – Leeds- Care Record update

To the CCIO network this update explored the :
History that Leeds has come from , including the formation of the powerful PPM+ platform that aligned with Leeds Clinical Portal strategy.
Current Leeds Care Record progamme, now being rolled out across Leeds to support Health & Social Care improvements across the city.
Future plans to work with Integration Pioneers towards an open platform.


#2) 21st Century Healthcare: the Open Platform that will transform

To the Skunkworks network this presentation based on an earlier related article here, explored;

The healthcare crisis internationally
The case for an open platform to underpin transformation across the industry
5 key features of that platform
Whos who & related leadership in this field.


Related videocast here;



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