Posted by: Tony Shannon | October 20, 2015

Medical Leadership: Complex Systems; Open Platforms / Workshop at RCPI 2015:

During last weeks St Lukes Symposium at the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, I was exploring a few slightly challenging themes including;

21st Century Healthcare under Pressure.. an international issue around the globe.

The related need for Medical Leadership, i.e. medics are best placed to lead the way forward, though need to get out of their comfort zones to do so.

The challenge of Complexity in Healthcare. i.e. Healthcare is a great example of a complex adaptive system , the key to handling such systems is seek and then leverage common patterns within, eg ABC in Trauma Management.

The promise of an open platform in healthcare. i.e. the current state of healthIT is holding us all back and we need to collaborate as never before with a new generation of open tools.

The related slides (inc. one of my GP grandfather in action) are available here…


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