Posted by: Tony Shannon | February 29, 2016

Integrated Care & Digital Records – A Maturity Model

As an update to the Ripple OSI effort, this month I’ve published an article entitled “Integrated Care & Digital Records – A Maturity Model“.

Building on the principles outlined in “21st Century Healthcare: The Open Platform that will Transform“.. the article outlines the approach that Ripple offers to the effective union of key elements  i.e. (1) clean and simple user interface design, (2) integration with existing/other systems and the path to the (3) clinical kernel oriented platform approach.

The article steps through several levels of integrated care enabled by digital records and illustrates that people need to work through a process to develop patient centred care.

As another reference point the key slides are available here.



The main “Integrated Care & Digital Records – A Maturity Model” article  is available now on RippleOSI.






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