Posted by: Tony Shannon | October 30, 2018

Introducing the Ripple Foundations: Digital Commons Academy

This blog started off as a set of pages, a Book of Thoughts

… with 5 themes and 5 articles within those themes

… which begat a monthly blog on related issues.

The bottom line of that writing was 21st C Healthcare demands an effective mix of people + process + tech (inc mix of open source & open standards).

Over time that analysis evolved from the positive potential of an open platform in healthcare, into open platform cooperatives, the commons, understanding the wider economy, the need for societal and economic change.

As times has changed the medium of video has becomes more useful, as its now easier to do, easier to share, is now a pervasive medium and a great way to learn.

So it seemed time to put some of the key thoughts & principles behind the work that have done for last while – down on video

So on behalf of the Ripple Foundation, which I’m a part of, working towards an open platform cooperative movement in healthcare…
.. I’m pleased to reveal our work on our Digital Commons Academy.

We are openly and widely sharing a set of 25+ five minute videos on a range of related issues.
You may be interested in the outline of the material covered below

If you would like to explore the Ripple Foundations Digital Commons Academy take a look over here.


Ripple Foundations – Digital Common Academy – educational material outline 

  • Healthcare under pressure
  • 21st Century Economics
  • The Need for Medical Leadership
  • The Future of the Professions
  • Towards Patient Centered Care
  • HealthIT : The State of the Market

Having identified challenges with 21st Century healthcare , we then delve deeper to try to understand these challenges better;

  • Complexity & the Cynefin Framework
  • Change = People + Process + Technology
  • Emergency Medicine: Complexity + Patterns
  • Management: Complexity + Patterns
  • Info Tech: Complexity + Patterns
  • HealthIT: Complexity + Patterns

We take the time to focus on 2 key areas in particular

  • Process Improvement: Lean + Agile
  • Information Technology: Open + Source

before we conclude that 21st Century Healthcare will be transformed by work now emerging from the Digital Commons;

  • HealthIT Towards an Open Platform


Before we explore that future in more detail, we firstly explore some key concepts;

  • Understanding Technology: 3 tiers UI- API -DB
  • A for APIs – Exploring Messaging/APIs
  • A for Alphabet- Exploring Terminology/Classification
  • A for Architecture- Exploring Archetypes & Templates

We then focus on 5 key elements that need to be addressed on the road to 21st Century Digital Healthcare

  1. Usability
  2. Integration
  3. Clinical Kernel
  4. The Role of Open Source
  5. Governance & Leadership

We look back at the background history to the story of “Self, Us, Now” behind the Ripple Foundation
We then look at its current & future work of the Ripple Foundation: Towards an Open Platform – in action


If you would like to explore the Ripple Foundations Digital Commons Academy take a look over here.




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