Posted by: Tony Shannon | June 29, 2019

Land for the Many: Land Ownership explored

This month sees the publication of a most important paper on one of the most challenging issues of our time in the Western world and beyond , that of land ownership.

In “Land for the Many”, George Monbiot and others take a look at why and how the basics of land ownership as we know them today need to be challenged, fundamentally, to right a wrong.

In this related explainer article here Monbiot asks/explains
“Want to tackle inequality? Then first change our land ownership laws”

The issues are simpler that many would have you believe..
“Homes are so expensive not because of the price of bricks and mortar, but because land now accounts for 70% of the price”

There is a compelling argument that the market around land sales is clearly dysfunctional now and adversely impacting a whole generation of younger people.

So something needs to change.

Let me make that personal. I live in a nice part of Dublin, Ireland where property prices have escalated again in recent years. That might sound great, the value of our house has shot up, yet I take no pleasure in that/ wish it were not so, as our children and their children have a ridiculous challenge ahead of them in securing their own roofs above their heads.

If the answer to this is a land value tax and the greater public ownership of land (NB ownership of land rather than property is the key here) then bring it on.. needs to be done.

Young person trying to buy/rent a home? Please educate yourself by reading more on “Land for the Many” available here.


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